Mira Manek combines her love of healthy eating and Indian flavours to create her own style of vibrant Indian-inspired food. Mira has written two books. Her first cookbook Saffron Soul, was published in 2017, a collection of modern and traditional vegetarian recipes rooted in her Gujarati heritage interspersed with family stories. Her second book Prajna, Ayurvedic Rituals for Happiness is available to order at her café and amazon. Grab yours quickly for some healthy rituals.

Last year, Mira launched Chai by Mira, cafe, chai lounge and event space at Triyoga Soho, inside Kingly Court, Carnaby. Her chai spice mix is used by various cafes and restaurants in London and Mira has also collaborated with restaurants like Holborn Dining Rooms on their menu. She holds supperclubs, workshops and retreats in London and globally.

Having travelled extensively through India, Mira realised just how authentic her own home cooked Gujarati food was and came back to learn all those precious recipes. She champions eating well and eating wholesome home-cooked food that doesn’t compromise on flavour, using the spice box creatively and not just confining it to curries and daals.