Rosewood, London

Mira has been working with the Holborn Dining Rooms on their breakfast menu and has had dishes on the menu for four years.

So Pure Café, London – Ayurvedic eatery

A menu collaboration with London’s only Ayurvedic eatery in the heart of Soho for the month of June 2018.

Amethyst, Chennai – April 2016

Chennai’s charming open-air café, fashion boutique and florist Amethyst launched a modern Indian-inspired menu with Mira. She worked with the chefs to incorporate local seasonal ingredients such as freshly grated coconut in granola.

The Pantry, Mumbai

A charming restaurant in the heart of Mumbai’s arts district Kala Ghoda, The Pantry launch a Monsoon Nourish Menu with Mira in June 2017 featuring recipes from her cookbook Saffron Soul just after it was published.
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