Tuesday 20th March, 2018 at 7pm - 8.30pm

25 Duke Street High Mood Food London

We’re totally thrilled that Mira Manek, author of Saffron Soul, is joining us for a High Late to share her expertise on spices and how we can incorporate them into our daily life. Cooking, toasting, sprinkling, soaking or blending… there are numerous ways to enjoy and incorpate spices, all of which enhance our eating and drinking pleasure and boost our wellbeing. Every spice has a plethora of benefits from helping digestion and calming the gut to cooling the body and helping us sleep. We’ll be chatting with Mira at the back of the cafe, while enjoying our High’s signature dhal, along with a variety of Mira’s spiced up toppings. If we’re lucky Mira might even treat us to her famous spiced vegan fudge for pudding!

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