Friday 25th October, 2019 at 18.30pm - 20.00pm

Ilapothecary Flagship Store 99 Kensington Church Street London

Sip on a cup of golden saffron chai while Mira delves into the evening section of her book Prajna, creating a space which lets you ‘arrive’ home to yourself, carving out a time for doing what you love, soothing drinks and sleepy spices, evening Breathwork and deep yin stretches while listening to your favourite playlist.

How do we create an environment that allows us to slow down the moment we step through the door and slowly steeps us into sleep mode? Understanding our need to recalibrate, to come home and unwind will carry us through the next day with greater steadiness and help diffuse the impact of a crisis when it arrives.

From sound baths and reading to chanting mantras and sitting in stillness, there’s so much you can do to arrive back to yourself, to your home, to your soul.

She’ll also hold a short meditation, after which there will be a chance to discuss, meet and chat over some of Mira’s delicious cardamom fudge pieces and treats.

As a part of the £20 booking fee you will receive a copy of Mira’s new book “Prajna”.

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