Thursday 20th July 2017

By Mira Manek

I didn’t know what to expect walking into Ministry of Sound at 8am but when I walked out two hours later I wish I had arrived at 7am, when it began. This early morning rave called Morning Gloryville is a monthly event, which began in London last year. It spread like wildfire and is now in 14 cities across the world.

The non-alcoholic rave was not just an exercise class – it was real clubbing to incredible high-energy music, all sober (we had Yerba Mate tea bottles, which I loved, to keep us going). Dancers were in fluorescent gear, glitter artists painting the eyes on the way in, fresh cacao smoothies and granola pots being made, and even a yoga class going on. Some people I met were on their way to work after this… and yet it felt like we were in some far-away festival, zoned out and entirely tuned into the music and vibe.

Morning Gloryville draws some of the best DJs, revealed on the day of the rave, last time on a Brixton rooftop it was Fatboy Slim and this time Roger Sanchez, who said to the audience, “You guys are on a vibration that is very very high. This is connected energy, this is house music, this is love…”

The vibration was certainly high – I left feeling exhilarated (and with shades of pink glitter under my eyes) and I was buzzing with energy all day.

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