Wednesday 20th September 2017

By mira

I’ve only just got my hands on my friend Eve Kalinik’s book ‘Be Good To Your Gut’ and am so excited about it! It’s a fun, fascinating and interesting read – and I just love her style of writing. It’s great that we’re all having more conversations about the gut, gut health and what goes in and comes out, and Eve really goes inwards in depth, but also makes the process of understanding it all incredibly easy and enjoyable with injections of wit and humour.

My experimentation with food only began some five years ago after many years of having a pretty poor relationship with food. I had always had a sluggish system and everything I was eating (granola bar fads and low fat this and that’s) was of course making it all a whole lot worse. I really had no idea what nutrition meant but thought, oddly enough, that I was being healthy. Anyway, gut and digestion issues (and hence constant weight fluctuation) have pretty much dictated my moods for much of my life and it is only when I started eating more ‘normally’, more meals less snacking, vegetables and cooked foods rather than processed and sugar rich foods, that I have developed a much healthier friendship with what I eat.

For me, this book brings together the important and interesting aspects of digestion in truly digestible way and there’s a plethora of beautiful recipes sprinkled throughout, things that I would LOVE to make, from Baklava Breakfast Parfait layered with Pistachio Probiotic ‘Yogurt’ to a good-for-the-gut superseed bread and karma crackers. I literally cannot wait to try some of Eve’s gorgeous recipes, photographed by the wonderful and super talented Nassima Rothacker, who also did the photography for my book.

Here’s a short excerpt I came across while flicking through the pages of Eve’s book which will give you an idea of her fun style of writing:

‘Eating a meal may seem like a pretty average thing for most of us and we rarely think about what happens to the food after it leaves our fork. We take it for granted that our body will simply do what it needs to do to take care of that daily ‘in and out’ scenario. However the process of digestion is far from average. In fact, it’s pretty spectacular. Like a finely tuned orchestra, the gut plays a complex blend of roles: for example, activating hormones that manage our appetite and kick-start muscular movements deploying substances such as enzymes to break down our food; and working diligently to absorb and assimilate nutrients that will be passed to other areas of the body. And let’s not forget the trillions of microbes in the gut that get to work on the remnants, turning this veritable feast (well, to them at least) into essential anti-inflammatory substances and vitamins, among others. Suffice to sat that what happens in the gut doesn’t stay in the gut and the way our digestion functions has a much greater impact on our overall health than you might imagine.’

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