Mira’s products from the favourite Coco Fudge and Spice Bites to her Chai Chia Pudding and her Saffron Lime Cheesecake are sold at Raw Press (Mayfair and Chelsea), at the Holborn Dining Rooms, Rosewood Hotel.

She consults for the Holborn Dining Rooms, where her Chai Chia Pudding and Saffron porridge with jaggery was on the breakfast menu to start with, and now her Saffron Blossom Compote and Cinnamon Granola served with Greek Yoghurt.

She has also created a Chai Spice mix, a hearty blend of seven spices with coconut sugar, which is used to make Chai Latte at Detox Kitchen, Raw Press, Department of Coffee and Holborn Dining Rooms. You can also buy packs of this Chai Spice at Raw Press.

All her products are gluten free, dairy free and contain no refined sugar.

To enquire about consulting or products, please contact Mira.