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Cardamom blueberry squares – simple, oaty & with stevia

When I’m meeting friends or going to someone’s house, I always grab a couple of packs of my Coco Fudge (recently I have relabelled this as Not fudge). Everyone loves it and most find it a real novelty as there’s something super rich and creamy and fudgey about it but it is in fact made of chickpea flour, dates, coconut oil and cardamom. That’s it! The recipe is in the dessert section of Saffron Soul.

Anyway, today, I finally baked something new and I’ve carried it with me for my friend – there’s something so wonderfully satisfying and homely about baking and every time I bake, I tell myself I need to do it more often. Oats have to be one of my favourite things, and here’s a newish kinda flapjack (taking inspiration from Nadia). I did in fact make the whole thing with Stevia, so there’s no sugar, no honey, no dates in this. Just for a bit of a change! I also had one more pack for another couple of friends I’m meeting later today, but I was so curious to see how they tasted and so just ended up finishing the whole pack! They’re yummy. I’d probably add more blueberries next time. But other than that, totally loved them. Perfect, always, with a cup of homemade chai.

Makes around 15 pieces

60g oat flour
60g oats
2 tablespoons stevia (or can use brown sugar or honey)
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
60ml coconut oil, melted
pinch of salt
1/4 teaspoon cardamom powder

handful of blueberries
squeeze of lemon
2 tablespoons of any nut butter

Preheat the oven to Gas Mark 4 (180C). Mix together the oat flour, oats, stevia, baking powder, melted coconut oil, cardamom and salt in a mixing bowl. Place baking paper in your baking tray, lay out the oat mix and flatten using the back of a spoon. Sprinkle blueberries over the top layer, squeeze lemon or lime generously, drizzle your favourite nut butter (drizzled over peanut butter) and then sprinkle some more cardamom and cinnamon powder if you like! p.s. if you’re nut butter is hard and not runny, then you could stir with a little water.

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