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Overnight muesli with coconut water and spices

For soaking

  • oats 4 tablespoons

  • coco water 100ml

  • coco milk 60ml

  • apple, grated 1

  • cinnamon ¼ teaspoon

  • cardamom, or just slightly less ¼ teaspoon

  • flax seeds ½ teaspoon


  • apple, grated 1

  • slices banana few

  • walnuts and flaked almonds handful

  • sprinkle of goji berries

  • sprinkle of flax seeds


Soak the oats in coconut water and coconut milk. Grate one apple into the oat mixture and add the cinnamon, cardamom and flax seeds. Let this soak for a minimum of 20 minutes or can leave in fridge overnight. When serving, divide into two bowls and add the the toppings in the separate bowls.

I love anything oaty, and muesli has always been a firm favourite. Not difficult to guess with the number of times I’ve mentioned porridge in my blog! There was a time when I’d soak oats, nuts and sultanas in apple juice and have it with a spoon of yoghurt (my sister’s staple family recipe) and then I’d mix this with a little almond milk to make it creamier, and grate some apple into the mixture. That said, I haven’t had muesli in a long time – it can often feel quite heavy. Today, however, I decided to try it with coconut water, lighter and so hydrating of course. It didn’t taste remotely yummy to start with, but after adding a little coconut milk and a whole grated apple and all the rest of the healthy jazz, it was… perfect! Toppings aren’t just for extra yumminess and varied flavours, they also make the dish or bowl look so much more appealing and impressive. And you also need less of the oat mixture, more of the fruit and toppings, a healthier portion! I still did not manage to eat the entire bowl for breakfast – well I actually resisted it which proves it’s delicious – but I’ll be picking at it later.

2 bowls

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