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No-egg sweet potato omelette

Sweet potato omelette

  • sweet potatoes 2 medium

  • coconut oil 2 tablespoons

  • cumin seeds 1 teaspoon

  • red onion, chopped 1

  • cloves garlic, grated or chopped 2

  • green chilli, finely chopped (optional) ½

  • rice flour, or wheat flour 2 tablespoons

  • Corn flour 1 tablespoon

  • cubes / chunks tofu (optional) 2

Avocado salsa

  • tomato, chopped 1

  • spring onion, finely sliced 1

  • ripe avocado, chopped 1

  • coriander, chopped

  • lime squeeze of

  • Salt and pepper pinch of

  • finely chopped green chillies (optional)


Start by grating the sweet potato and keep this aside in a small bowl. Melt half the coconut oil (1 tablespoon) in a medium pan on low heat and place the cumin seeds in the pan, on the oil. Once the cumin seeds are lightly brown (should take around a minute or less), add the onions and stir. Let the onions become lightly brown before adding the garlic and green chilli. Stir again and quickly add the grated sweet potato, rice flour, corn flour and tofu (break the tofu pieces into the pan). Stir everything together and let this cook for another couple of minutes on medium heat.

Now melt around half a tablespoon of coconut oil in a small pancake pan on low heat, place half the sweet potato mixture into this small pan and shake the pan so that the sweet potato batter spreads to the sides. Let the omelette cook on the pan for around 5 minutes, lift the pancake just slightly to check the bottom layer has turned a light toasted brown and then flip it (if you dare!) Once it lands perfectly back in the pan, place the pan back over low heat, add a touch more coconut oil on the sides of the omelette and let it cook for another five or so minutes so that both sides are well toasted and brown.

Last night, I realised it was Spring Equinox, which marks the first day of Spring, (I felt like I’d suddenly found the reason for my mood shifts in the last few days, though not sure it was anything to do with that). Spring though it most certainly was, the sun wasn’t shining and it was absolutely freezing, but there was something really lovely about this weekend. Waking up on Sunday and having no engagement other than to cook these beautiful no-egg sweet potato omelettes that I had in mind, which, even my brother, who isn’t a fan of sweet potato, loved; and then the rest of the day sort of just rolled away, spending the afternoon working at the kitchen counter at my grandparents’ home, intermittent chit-chat with my cousins, jotting down recipes and making notes for my book.

I might have eaten too much – there was rhubarb crumble from last night lying on the worktop, looking rather, well, crumble-like (and crumble of any kind is something I simply cannot resist), then there was kichri my grandmother made in the evening piping hot from the oven, some small dark chocolate pieces to pick at through the day, I did also have my quota of boiled vegetables which my mother had kindly kept ready for me, and then a few cups of tea here and there. So here they are, after my ramblings, these wonderfully hearty, incredibly nutritious, bursting with flavour no-egg sweet potato omelettes. I cannot believe how good these taste… and hope you’re just as wowed by them!

Makes 2 omelettes

The avocado salsa for the topping simply requires mixing together all the chopped ingredients and sprinkling on top of the omelette once cooked.

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