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Orange and Saffron Muesli


  • oats 5 tablespoons

  • yoghurt 3-4 tablespoons

  • apples, grated 2

  • oranges, squeezed 2-3

  • almond milk 1 cup

  • walnuts, broken handful

  • goji berries 1 tablespoon

  • chia seeds, optional 1 teaspoon

  • flax seeds, optional 1 teaspoon

  • raspberries and mint leaves for garnishing, optional few


Soak everything together overnight or for as long as you can (I would suggest a minimum of 1-2 hours). When serving, mix together and taste for sweetness and consistency. Add honey if required and add a little more orange juice or almond milk if the muesli is too thick.

I have just returned from a beautiful yoga retreat in St Tropez, dynamic vinyasa flow in the mornings (you couldn’t help but move your hips to the music) followed by a yin class in the evening for that much needed delicious stretching taken by Los Angeles based Tom Morley. Each yoga retreat is different (I went to a wonderful Jivamukti retreat in Mykonos a couple of years ago and a short retreat in Ibiza therafter), and this one in St Tropez was energising and nourishing in a different way. There was yoga, lots of laughter and lots of beach time and there is something to be said about high-energy fun! We were in St Tropez after all. It was a balance of the right sorts, with a large group of incredible individuals… I couldn’t have asked for a better retreat this year. Tom’s next retreat is in Tulum at the end of this month (July 29th – August 1st)… and he has lots more.

I made a few breakfast dishes at the retreat and thought I would share one with you. It’s a delicious orange and saffron chia muesli with berries, walnuts and flax seeds. Everyone at the retreat loved it and I hope you do too!

Serves 4

Note: if you don’t have goji berries, use raisins

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