I think of rituals as spiritual guides that can ground us, give us more energy and allow us to vibrate higher at the best of times; but can also lift us at the worst of times. They guide us inwards, connect us with our consciousness and strengthen our muscles of self-belief.

My second book, Prajna, is about rituals for happiness, something we need now more than ever. But how do we bring this to life? How do we pick rituals for ourselves to spark joy and keep the flame of happiness ignited?

We are currently going through something that we never imagined. So how do we instil a sense of calm in our new routine, how do uplift ourselves everyday while being at home, how do we ride and rise through this wave of uncertainty?


My last workshop at Lululemon was all about Ritual Journalling and brought my book to life in a very practical way, figuring out what we want and how we can reach that through simple rituals, divided into body, mind and soul; morning, afternoon and evening.


I now realise that when I was going through years of loneliness, confusion and depression, unsure about why my husband was ending our marriage, I created my toolkit of survival, a package of rituals that helped me stay afloat and build resilience. During that time, I focused only on the day ahead, doing things that I knew would make me happy – yoga class, sitting in the sun, meeting a friend, using deep breaths to calm myself and writing. This toolkit is different for everyone, but creating your happy place is what it’s all about!

Download the Ritual Journalling booklet