Tuesday 22nd March 2016

By mira

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Last night, I realised it was Spring Equinox, which marks the first day of Spring, (I felt like I’d suddenly found the reason for my mood shifts in the last few days – probably more to do with the moon phase than spring awakening). Spring though it most certainly was, the sun wasn’t shining and it was absolutely freezing, but there was something really lovely about this weekend. Waking up on Sunday and having no engagement other than to cook these beautiful no-egg sweet potato omelettes that I had in mind, which, even my brother, who isn’t a fan of sweet potato, loved; and then the rest of the day sort of just rolled away, spending the afternoon working at the kitchen counter at my grandparents’ home, intermittent chit-chat with my cousins, jotting down recipes and making notes for my book.

I was reminded of a recent India Knight column in the Sunday Times Magazine that really resonated and reread it today, “There are two worlds,” she begins, “the small world of our daily lives and the big world we see on the news. The big world appears to have gone fully bonkers, but I think the small world is getting nicer.” So true, I thought, and yet it’s often hard to see the ‘nicer’ in our small world, simply because we’re in it.

Passing a very old lady taking each step as she walked down a flight of stairs with great care and effort and time at the station a couple of weeks ago, I asked if she needed help. She stopped to speak to me with a burst of energy and enthusiasm about how happy she was to have attended a special talk at the church this evening (it happened to be one of those especially rainy and cold nights), and how everything’s okay but it would be nice to have some family, because she really doesn’t have any… (I’m not sure how she went from talking about the ex-convict-turned-priest who gave the talk this evening to family and Marylebone, an area she has always loved, all in the space of a minute). She suddenly realised her train was leaving so quickly managed to get on, and I just about managed to give her my umbrella. It was so quick and so fleeting yet one of those moments I’ll always remember, an unexpected human moment at the train station, a quick interaction which gives such perspective and is a reminder of the friendly and kind people in the world, human moments which make our small world ‘nicer’…. or rather, which make us appreciate the nice things in our small world.

Happy Spring!

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