Tuesday 28th August 2018

By mira

Everything is a process of discovery. When you think the penny’s dropped, something else comes up. And so it did: my digestion. My journey to wellness started with tummy problems and an obsessive desire to be thinner. Years later, a whole diet shift later, many massages and Ayurvedic resorts later, lots of PT and yoga sessions later, I feel better, my energy is up and I no longer need or rely on laxatives or colonics (the short of the long, of course!)

But recently my digestion erupted again. I don’t mean that literally (although my stomach certainly felt like it was horribly bubbling inside) I was getting severe cramps when I hadn’t eaten anything out of the ordinary – I generally avoid bread or pizza or anything chewy and doughy – so I couldn’t understand what had happened.

In the past two weeks, I’ve started acupuncture with a Japanese acupuncturist (amazingly, a friend recommended a brilliant doctor just as I was thinking about how to find one), I’ve also been to a gong bath, a deep stretch yin yoga class and been sitting in the steam room. What I realised when I fell asleep in both the gong bath and the yin yoga was that I’m exhausted. My body needed rest and my mind needed some quiet. And that when you have a bit of time, just let yourself unwind and reset.

Treatments like acupuncture, reflexology and massage can go hand in hand in figuring out the root cause of an issue, in dealing with the source of the problem and opening up areas where you might not even realise there are blocks. It transpired that the exact parts of my back where I’m always feeling sore are digestion points. And that my energy levels are low as a result of this digestive fire not being at its strongest.

I’ve also been drinking Tea India’s delicious herbal teas daily (carrying them with me so I can just pop it in hot water) as well as my own herbal teas. So here’s a few things that might help you if you’re feeling like your digestion is not at its prime and want to just help it along a little:

  • boil half a teaspoon of cumin seeds in around 1-2 litres of water and sip on that hot or cold any time of day
  • do the same with carom (ajma) seeds if you have them and fennel seeds are also cooling and a good digestive (all of these cleansing drinks are in my book)
  • My favourite herbal tea bags to carry around with me when I’m out are Tea India’s Peace & Calm and Harmony & Balance
  • Another good and simple digestive tea is plain ginger grated in hot water
  • Stir psyllium husk in warm water and drink immediately every night. You could also do this in the morning or both times. It’s natural and will just help everything flow better
  • If you’re looking for an interesting book on health, wellbeing and Ayurveda, read Geeta Vara’s book on Ayurveda
  • To get rid of toxins and bad breath, use a tongue scraper. I’ve used one of these since I was a child and so was super happy when Tea India sent me one! A beautiful copper tongue scraperJ
  • A small spoon of Chyawanprash daily (a kind of black herbal jam) contains an intense and incredible cocktail of vitamins and digestive goodness. Look it up and see where you can get it.
  • Start the day with a little apple cider vinegar, cinnamon powder and turmeric powder stirred in hot water
  • Have lots of water during the day and try to drink more warm water
  • Don’t eat after 7pm or 8pm
  • Lastly and one of the most important things, cut down portions and snacking – something I’ve definitely struggled with (but intermittent fasting has really helped me)

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