Tuesday 24th November 2015

By Mira Manek

I’ve recently been thinking a lot about the two words ‘Let go’ –exhale and letting go of all that is holding us back, all those thoughts restraining us, past incidents by which we’re bound… and instead, to just be, be in the present moment, shaped but not constrained by the past, to find peace with change and then to embrace it. It seems so straightforward and yet so difficult to apply and truly live. Even if we let something go momentarily, it is only if we practice and practice again, if we repeat ‘let go’ as a mantra, if we make a point of remembering it throughout the day and applying it to each moment that we will eventually be able to believe it. Here’s a well written article I came across on the art of letting go by yoga teacher Shivaroshan – letting go of what we think we know, surrendering the ego and shifting perspectives:


The spiritual path; I guess it must have a name…. is really just a path of noticing things, of being interested in things without an agenda; it is to have perseverance, curiosity and kindness.  It is to be open, yet not so much as to be completely naïve….that is just seeking attention!  It is asking of you alertnesss, seeking attention is asking to be carried, like a child we want to be carried and many of us are still asking…

There are moments of blindness; searching, of not knowing but these too are moments to be cherished; how do we cope in such times do we give up or just enjoy the ride. In letting go everything comes, the synchronistic moments are the clue. You miss the ‘bus’ and are too late for your favourite yoga/spiritual class, so you try the class that you never thought was for you and bang something happens! It is when we let go of the control around life; of what we think we want – that we can allow the universe in.

It requires us to become small. However great our achievements that much praise we get the smaller one must become. A true realisation tends to makes you humble, it is a moment of truth, some recognition of a vastness so beyond you that perspective changes and you understand a little more.

The ego also surrenders in that moment, it has met its maker, it has had the touch of something that it has really been seeking. It thought it was all about ‘itself’, then what it realised is that it was never about ‘it’ at all, it always wanted the vastness.

Letting go of what we think we know is one of the most liberating things we can do. It is not advocating being a risk taker with no consideration for things; rather, it is more a respectful letting go, ‘teasing yourself’ to try something new.

It is recognising a method/ habit and no matter how much praise you get for it; it may have earned you medals, friends, lots of money…..letting some of it go can open the tap, you may receive a trickle of nectar or it may be a wave of realisation, but there is no growth without it.

Full article here.

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