Tuesday 26th June 2018

By mira

European escapes in the summer – there’s nothing quite like it. And Mykonos has certainly become one of those popular spots, known mostly for the partying – but there really is so much more. The thing about Mykonos is it’s got that lovely daytime vibe, chilling on a beach and then the music starts mid afternoon, which is what I love. I would probably avoid mid-July and all of August – it’s simply too busy, hard to get beds on the beach, transport can be an issue and everything is much more expensive!

My first trip to Mykonos also happened to be my first ever yoga retreat, 5 years ago. It was one of those memorable trips and I made some incredible friends. There was something magical about the island, about the group, about the yoga.

Five years later, just last week, I was on a girls holiday, celebrating one of my close friends, Rupa, getting married! June was the perfect time to go, fun but relaxed enough, and incredibly hot! I did in fact go two days early to relax on the beach. So here’s my pick of places and where I stayed:

  • I stayed in town for the first two nights, which was perfect as there are shuttles/ buses going to all the different beaches every half an hour from town. It also means if you want to go out at night either for dinner of partying, then everything is on your doorstep. Mykonos town is charming and beautiful!
  • Next few days we were all at Nissaki Boutique Hotel, which I’d highly recommend! Stunning location and just a 5 minute (gorgeous) walk to Nammos and the beach
  • Ornos beach for the day – get a bed and chill. This is the closest beach, around 10 minutes by shuttle or cab. There’s a good few restaurants there to choose from. And for something super healthy, walk to Bowl Mykonos, also in Ornos.
  • Dinner or even just drinks at Interni around 10pm is lovely – the place and atmosphere is what you go for.
  • Book a table at Nammos but at around 3pm as the music and partying really starts around 5pm. So eat something and then roll into the evening. You can also hire a bed on the Nammos beach.
  • Spend a day at Principote beach – we didn’t go this time, but I’ve been before and it’s beautiful
  • One of the days you must go for a dinner and sunset to Scorpios I loved the food and the place is even better. Super rustic, buzzing, literally sun kissed and great dancing vibe.
  • A late dinner one evening at SeaSatin. Lovely vibe, great music and dancing. It’s mostly seafood as the name suggests but as a vegetarian there was actually a great selection of plain vegetables and salad, which is totally my sort of thing – with the most delicious homely brown bread.
  • The bars in Little Venice in town are lovely for sunset time eg Caprice. It’s great to just sit and watch sunset while having a cocktail. But these stay open till late so you can go anytime.
  • If you’re hungry and just want something healthy, cheap and cheerful, there’s a chain called Souvlaki Story. While their main offering is kebabs, I totally loved their salad platters with halloumi and a little corn bread.
  • Don’t forget the frozen yoghurt – can’t do Greece without some yummy Greek yoghurt and there’s a number of froyo places around town (gelato too of course!)
  • Lastly and super importantly, Mykonos is not the kind of place you wear stilettos. It’s hilly and you’ll need to walk everywhere in town. Flats are the way to go and maybe a pair of wedges. Shopping is great, so definitely leave some space in your suitcase!

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