Thursday 18th January 2018

By Mira Manek

Introducing my grandmother’s methi thepla. Watch the video

Introducing my grandmother’s methi thepla (think rotis, but with added spices, sesame seeds, a blend of millet and wheat, and some fenugreek leaves)! These lovely hot thepla feature in my cookbook Saffron Soul and are one of our favourites at home! My grandparents love thepla, as every Gujarati does (watch till the end to see my grandfather!) but the ones we make are a little different! Thepla is part of every Gujarati’s staple diet, but usually they are made only with wheat flour and there’s so much oil that they very well could be called fried. Gujaratis also tend to eat these for breakfast (AH, I know!) but at home, we treat them as a wholesome lunch, even a light dinner, and with the balance of millet flour and wheat flour (half and half) it’s all the more nutritious (millet adds that much-needed protein, especially as a vegetarian or vegan). In Saffron Soul, I’ve actually used spelt rather than wheat, so pick whatever suits you! Lastly, there’s a whole bunch of fenugreek or methi leaves mixed into the dough, and that really ups the nutrition levels – fenugreek is great for digestion, can help lower blood sugar levels and has plenty more benefits (especially if you’re a new mum and you’re breastfeeding – read up on thisJ) That said, thepla can also be made without fenugreek leaves and you can always use spinach or coriander leaves instead if you have those. Last little point to note, most supermarkets sell dried fenugreek in little boxes, called kasuri methi. Enjoy x

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